Coop size, locks, and amenities questions

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    May 4, 2017
    I am building this coop

    I have a few questions. The first being I've read that each chicken needs about 5 square feet of coop space- is this including the space for the nesting box and/or counting the roosting bars on the "second floor" as floor space? If the nesting boxes are included in the 5 square feet I'm probably okay, if not I need to figure out how to make the coop space bigger by moving it into the planting box. I really don't care if there is a planting box just not excited about doing the math to add to this :)

    Next, this plan does not have a door on the actual coop bottom. I bought a key and lock for the run doors and plan on burying the hardware cloth outside of the coop. Do I need to add a door on the coop for safety or comfort? If the run has a key lock on it do you think the door needs a predator proof lock as well or just a latch shut?

    Last, I'm confused about where the food and water go. Do I need a food and water in the coop and in the run? Or just one place or the other?

  2. dskullz

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    May 4, 2017
    Also, do I need to have some way for the windows to close or are they okay with just the hardware cloth on them?
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    Personally I really like I've made several pieces of furniture from her plans.
    This coop will comfortably hold 2 full size hens. If you want more, you can expand the coop over the planter but you will need more run space also.
    You definitely need to add a door flap to the pull out tray on the bottom of the coop and have a way to secure it at night.
    The run doors need a predator proof latch of some kind.
    The roof does not have much overhang so it may rain in those windows. Make little doors on hinges to cover them up and have latches on them too. You may actually want bigger windows depending on the climate in your location. Ventilation is very important for their comfort.
    Do not keep food and water in the coop. Keep it in the run under the coop. That will keep rain out of the feed and sun off the waterer. Chickens will not need to eat or drink while in the coop area. It is just for sleeping and egg laying. But make sure to unlock and open the coop early each morning so they can have breakfast and get a drink.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    I keep both the food and water in the run. My feeder comes from Rugged Ranch and the waterer from Premier!.

    Both are designed to minimize loss and contamination. I have been very satisfied after choosing these products.

    I have an automatic pop door by Poultry Butler that is programmed to open and close about sunrise and sunset. That keeps the hens secure at night.

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