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  1. dunacn1

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    Aug 3, 2010
    I built my coop at roughly 30sf, with 3 nesting boxes and about 11 linear feet of roosting space. When I built the coop in the fall I was thinking of keeping 6-8 chickens, but am now looking at keeping 10 now, along with 2 cayuga ducks. I have 72 sf of covered run space for bad weather days, but plan on free ranging the birds most of the time. Does anyone have an opinion of whether these dimensions will suffice?

  2. Cindiloohoo

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    Most folks say 3-5 square feet per bird. If they are allowed to range a good bit, you can get by on the lower end without consequence, if not, I'd stay higher end. It depends on how long they are in said coop more than anything. If it airs out for a few hours every day then build up is not such a huge deal as long as it is regularly cleaned. Just like most everything else...mileage may vary. Customize your coop according to the birds and their habits. As long as they are TRULY healthy and must be doing something right [​IMG]
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    I would think it would be enough 4 is I think the norm for large breeds and also really for chicks that are in the coop alot,,free ranged I think you could get away with it. like always watch for picking but it sounds good..

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