Coop Size - Silkies in 2nd coop


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
North East
We have our converted shed as a coop but to make along story short I am looking into buying a tiny coop for our silkies. That way I can divide up the roos and keep the silkie girls in a run all the time. Then the rest of the flock can have their own run but free range too. I found one locally for $375. It looks cute in the photos, I just have to go see it. The dimensions are just under 4' x 5'. So just under 20 sq feet measured on the outside. I would use it for 1 silkie roo & 2 silkie females (my sons pets). But then I have 2 white crested females who should not free range. That makes 5 bantams. Too small correct?

This reminds me of the old horse joke. Buy a horse, buy another horse so he is not alone, buy a trailer, buy truck to pull trailer, buy 3rd horse so second is not alone when 1st goes to a show, buy another horse to keep show horse company, buy bigger trailer, buy bigger truck.........Now it's buy some chickens, build a coop............
I have several 4x4 coops and 5-6 Silkie or Sizzles fit nicely. I do have a pretty large run for them to go along with it. The price sure sound right

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