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Mar 5, 2018
So I've got six chicks and they're growing like weeds. They're going to need to go out to their coop soon but I'm not sure how big of a coop to get. I'll need one with a decent size run as well but don't want to spend a fortune on a coop. My husband isn't builder savy but also is to busy to build a coop so we're just going to purchase. Please help lol!
Plan of 4 square feet of coop per chicken, so 6x4= 24 square foot minimum for the coop.
Searching Craigslist or local Poultry buy/sell sites on Facebook usually turns up a number of used coops (some in need of more repair than others), in a wide price range, provided you have the means to move it to your property.
It helps to add your location to your profile.

Usually cheap and good don't fit in the same sentence. You might get lucky and find a half way decent coop at a farm supply store. Beware of the Chinese coop kits they are junk and I'm being kind. If you live in an area with Amish or Mennonites they usually build good quality with fair prices.


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