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Apr 15, 2010
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So we have 29 chickens and a've been looking at plans for coops and honestly have no idea what size we are gonna need. Space is not an issue, we have 10 acres, but I'm pretty sure that my chicken obsession will have me adding a few more to the flock at some point.

Could someone give me some guidance on what size coop I am gonna need? I've been looking at the "large" coops on this forum but they range in size.

Thanks a bunch for any advice you can give.
4 ft per bird inside the coop for them to be happy is what chicken for dummmies says. however if you are going to put them in a run durring the day than go with the 2-3 sqft per bird.
My coop will be 3 "stories high. and it is 4x4.
You will want bigger for the future expansion. Bigger is better people say

120 ft min.
I would not build smaller than a 10 x 12 myself for 30 birds. If you're thinking you would eventually want more, plan for a 12 x 12 or a 10 x 14. And I agree with Coyote...if you're in an area that gets rough winters, plan a bit bigger. Good luck!
We're in Eastern Oregon, so yes, the winters get cold although we do not get much snow...I found a few that are 12 x 24 that I like, I think I'm gonna go with something around that size.

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