coop sizing


10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
I've been reading up on coop sizing and came up with 4-5 sq. ft. per heavy breed bird.

If birds have access to an enclosed run, does this space count toward the area required per bird?

I'm planning on building the nest box off the side of the coop for easy access, so the coop building would only be for sleeping or escaping inclement weather. We're trying to keep the coop unobtrusive, so smaller is better. We plan on ending up w/ 4-5 layers.

4 to 5 sq ft per bird
is for the coop only. The more time they spend in the coop the more space they need in the coop. The run should have about 8 to 10 sq ft per bird minimum. Hope this helps.
Are you building your own? I am currently annoyed at myself for making my coop 5x5. Reason - all plywood is sold in 4x8 sheets. My next coop is 4x8. This may be common sense to someone who knows more about carpentry but it was news to me, so I am spreading it!
Drats, I was hoping it wasn't so

Looks like it will most likely be 4x6, using the cutoffs for the nest box.


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