coop stress: will this work for 4?

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    Quote:That is what I would do. Check with your family and make sure they're okay with the idea. Cut a pophole out of the garage and put that piece on a hinge. Cover the underneath of the workbench in Chicken Wire (since they'll be in a garage you won't really need predator proofing). Then I'd run a 2x4 around the floor and the studs to just hold in 4" of pine shavings. Add a roost and a nestbox, feeder, waterer and you're done.

    Get a used dog kennel and just run it along the open side. Bingo - awesome coop/run for less than 250 bucks.
  2. Quote:Really? That's somewhat misleading on their part. i didn't explore the free shipping as they had them in stock at our local ToysRUs. They come in a small enough box to fit in the back seat of my sedan. There are a lot of parts, so we hired a good friend of my husband's to put it together.
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    Toys R Us is have a sale so online its $199 right now. But like previously said the 'free shipping' is really just $20 off so the price skyrockets. I called around and found one at a store near us and its even cheaper, $159.98 for the weekend. I put a hold on it and will pick it up tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea.
  4. That is a hot deal! i may have to get one more at that price. [​IMG]
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    Quote:This is exactly how I plan to build my coop!

    I understand your fear though, I haven't built anything since wood shop in 7th grade! Luckily my friends boyfriend is an engineer so I just had to show him what I wanted and we're gonna draw up some plans and figure out how much wood I need to beg, borrow and steal!

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