COOP Temperature???

Yup. But 90s aint nothing. (at least for me, LOL!)

Do they have a shaded area, like a covered, open run they can get into?
HEY LAREE!!!! TAG! You're it!!!!!!!
There just in the coop most the day now and they get let out for a few hours! If i put a fan in the window should I put it blowing air in or sucking air and blowing it out??
A greenhouse fan on ebay (solar) will run you $55 with shipping. I have one in my coop, but my coop is open-air. Kinda like a bus stop.
As long as you are blowing....

I am SOOO gonna get in trouble, LOL!!

I would think out? But then couldnt you just put a vent in near the roof so it does it naturally? If you are gonna put in a fan, then you want to move the air around inside, not necessarily out or in.

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