Coop was delivered tonight.

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    All I can say about our coop is that I literally cried when he arrived with it. I have never seen anything so expertly crafted in my entire life and all those pictures don't do it justice. This thing was rock solid from top to way anything is getting in or out of it unless we put them in or out. I'm not sure what the metal mesh? Is on the outside but that stuff is thicker than thick...if something were to even attempt to chew through it, I think it would take them a very, very long time. I only hope our chickens love it as much as I do. The builder drove 4 hours to deliver it only to turn around and have to drive 4 hours back home, and the delivery charge was absurdly cheaperific....this thing weighs 1000 lbs so you gotta know the gas $ was ugly.

    In any case..I couldn't be happier with this coop and I love everything about it, from the sliding ventilation system (I can decide how much ventilation is going on) to the moveable roosts, with "holders" all over the place that I can move them to...and the roosts even outside in the small run area, there's just nothing I don't like about this coop. My favorite part is the nesting area, SO cool. There's room enough on the coop floor for about 4 inches of sand and the roosts just come out so easily (but are so solid once they're in place, too!) this thing is going to be a breeze. People doors so I don't even have to duck at all to get around in it.

    When he drove up with it...he literally just backed the back end off onto the ground and then just drove off and let it KABOOM slam onto the ground...nothing happened but the loud noise of it falling...nothing fell apart. He said "Well I told ya I built them to last" lol

    Another cute part is that there is a small roosting bar near the ceiling in the back inside where the ventilation door is that the chickens can sit up on there and look outside on a nice day (if I open the ventilation door all the way) and the can't get out, because it has that same heavy metal mesh material there. It's not hardware cloth...but I didn't think to ask him what it was. =/

    I'll post pictures when we get our camera for Christmas, because by that time I should have all the other "stuff" done to the interior, too. =]

    Maybe someone else can peek at the picture of it in my profile and tell me what the metal mesh is called. I'll e-mail or call him tomorrow to find out (curious) but I know it's crazy thick and doesn't bend when you push on it.
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    Congratulations! Nothin like some new digs for our chooks.
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    Thank you very much. :') These aren't only their new digs but it's their very first digs (apart from their brooders anyway) and it's the first structure we've had in the yard that wasn't created for lawn mower storage. [​IMG] Very exciting time.
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