Coop window question


9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
Hi new to byc, but I have read a lot while researching coop designs.
My daughter (2 in oct) loves animals, especially chicks. I plan on building a coop to hold 6 chicks.
My coop is going to be an easy design, 4x8 to make sure i dont have to cut too much with a 6' wall. and an outdoor play area for them which will sit behind our barn. it will have board and batton siding to match the barn.
it will be lined with fiberglass sheets (the white tile boards) to make clean up easy.
I have been looking for little windows, even for plexiglass to make my own windows and i am stummped.
At one of the box stores they has basement windows but they were 67 dollars for the cheepies. and plexiglass is so expensive now.
what did you all do?
I found a guy that had old barn windows sitting beside his house. I went up to the door and asked if I could buy them, and he let me just take them. Also, you can try a Restore. They have everything!! For my new coop, that's where I plan on getting the windows from.
if you have a local habitat for humanity store, or some other store that sells old but good used building materials you could find one there.
Thanksall, i forgot about the restore. there is one that is about an hour away from us. Ill be on cl right after i post.
I have an old farm house window I got off the free section on CL. I put it in the front of my coop, but now I have to re set it because the weather got bad before I could finish the coop and it fell out and hit the ground. Hopefully the weather will clear up so I can get back to finishing it. Eggs go in the bator on the sixth.
Don't forget to spread the word amongst friends/family. I purchased my windows off CL just because they were the size/style that I wanted, but I was amazed at how many offers I received for used building materials and remodeling leftovers from friends who just wanted the stuff out of their basements. And I'm definitely not above cruising by homes being remodeled or construction sites to score a curb-find. Free is always the best price.

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