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  1. mandersn

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Help, I have 25 chickens in a 8"X8" coop, I use the deep liter method, its about 6 inches deep. I have vents low in the back of the coop and high in the front a long with the entrance to coop. Since its gotton cold, I've notice the windows icing up overnight on the inside of coop. I'm worried about frostbite. Any suggestions or should I not worry??
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    Your coop is VERY crowded, and needs more ventilation ASAP. Condensation inside is a bad thing! Pictures would help, but you must open windows, have openings in the doors, or something, to improve air flow. Unless these are all bantams, ten fewer birds would be the most that can be comfortable housed in 64 sq. ft. Mary
  3. mandersn

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    Jun 3, 2014
    [​IMG] There is one more window on the other side plus the acess door to run, that remains open all the time. we are getting ready to butcher 8 Roosters soon. So 17 will be left.
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    Agree with prior post that coop is too crowded. Should have a max of 16 full size birds in there based on 4 sq. ft. per bird. As you're doing deep litter, you might try adding a lot of pine chips. They're very dry and may help absorb some of the moisture. Best thing you can do is add some ventilation. We used a roofing vent designed for a house on our tractor and it worked great.

  5. this summer you should expand big time. [​IMG]

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