coop wood

I hope so, I've already started construction of my using PT wood for certain areas.

I've seen lots and lots of Runs that used PT wood here on the forum so I assume it's ok
ok cool becose some guy has Lumber Scraps of Wood is Pressure-Treated Pine that he uses to make swing sets. so thanks folks
can i use Pressure-Treated Pine to build a coop
Pressure treated wood is great and will resist rot better than untreated wood when exposed to wet conditions. I used it in my coop and run build. They say that you should not burn PT wood because the smoke has chemicals within that are not great for the respiratory system (probably not good for the environment either). Use scrap wood for flooring or misc projects or place in the trash which goes into a landfill.

can i use Pressure-Treated Pine to build a coop

I highly recommend it, especially if you're in an area that has termites. I'm in the process of framing my coop now. I am building mine the same way I would go about building any raised floor structure. All my floor joists, plywood decking, and wall bottom plates are pressure treated. My windows, doors, and vent openings will be framed in exposed treated 2 x 6 treated material as well. You just need to allow time for exposed exterior pieces to dry before painting. All of my run area will be stained pressure treated wood as well.
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