1. Hello....

    My husband and I are awaiting the arrival of our baby chics in a few weeks and I am stressing out about the coop that we don't have yet !
    I've found several coops on Ebay....does anyone have a coop from ebay?
    Seems to good to be true...inexpensive, free shipping, kinda inexpensive.
    Looking for advice!

    Thanks! Kim


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    Dec 23, 2012
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    You are correct! Inexpensive usually means inferior quality, especially in the case of coops. Unless you want to raise two bantams or 1.5 hens in one of those coops, you are wasting your money. Forgive me for being so blunt, but I have spent over 40 hours researching coops as I am a new- comer just like you. The manufacturers of these coops sell them to he newbies in hopes that the inexpensive price will be the main attraction. After you have it for a year, if it lasts that long, you will need to rebuild it. If you plan on spending $300.00 for an item that will "break" in one year, why not invest in a quality coop, even if it costs more.

    There are quality coops out there, for 2-4 hens, priced at $369.00 to $624.00. I would suggest you look at Green Chicken Coops, Horizon Products, Sheds Unlimited and My pet Chicken, just to name a few. Good luck-remember that it always pays to spend a little bit more than you should, because the end result will be a savings in replacing an inexpensive product that does not perform the way it should.
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    Don't forget that a coop is not a garage or house, they don't need to be framed to code or hold up to loads for grand pianos or dinner parties. Honestly, it doesn't take much skill and you've probably all the tools you'll need already. Saw, drill, straight edge, tape measure and pencil.

    So make a plan and go get some material. Don't think big, 2X3's for framing is all you need (I've a 4'X4' coop framed in 2x2's) and 2 feet on center framing is perfect. Then sheath it in a decorative sheathing like a T-11 instead of plywood. It takes a deck stain or paint well and for a bit more than plywood you've got a nice looking finished wall not needing trim.
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    Free plans such as are available from the Purina Mills website can give you excellent guidance in building a top quality coop.


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