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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by SNJchickens, Feb 22, 2014.

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    There are evenings, especially when the days are long, when I have to go somewhere in the evening and I won't be home until quite late. I am not comfortable leaving the hens in the run with access to the coop but not locked in securely for the night, ramp up and latches secure . My run is very predator-proof however the sight of a raccoon or opossum outside their little world would send my girls into a tizzy.

    When I have to coop up early I would rather tempt them in than force/chase them in to the coop.

    In their lives we have one night a week that is consistent and the hens sense it so they cooperate by walking quietly into the coop when I say, "It's rehearsal night." Other evenings they do not expect to be cooped up before the sun is fully set and they become disturbed when I explain whatever is keeping me away.

    How do you manage your flock?

    I have found that my hens would walk through fire for bits of cheese. I tempt them out of the yard and back into the run when I can not be outdoors to protect them as they free range. I'm not sure it is a good idea to tempt them into the coop by leaving cheese in the feeder or on the floor.

    All ideas are welcome.
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    I have a pint mason jar filled with small stones. When my girls were younger, I would shake the jar, say "here chick chick chick" and then throw down a favorite treat. Now I can either shake the jar or just yell the chick chick chick and they come running to see what I've got. I can stand outside the coop by the door and throw the treat in (and then shut the door) or I can stand in the coop and they gather all around for the treat.
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    I use the same verbal call as PP. Started training them when they were in the brooder. But the mason jar with the stones is a nice addition. I'm afraid I'd end up loosing my jar. But I do use a bucket with a bit of scratch. It's so much easier to lead a chicken than it is to push it. I can usually get them into their run within 5 minutes any time of the day.
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    Oh, gosh, I wish I had thought of something that clever when my hens were young. I have 4 coming 2 years old and 1 coming one. These are my first chickens (ever) and my learning curve is very, very steep.

    Thank you! I will train the next ones as you have trained you girls. Do you think I can teach old hens new tricks?
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    Mine really love BOSS(black oil sunflower seeds) pus yogurt i think they'd kill you for it lol anyways my standards free range so they come in at dusk on their own.. the rest are all penned and take to the coops at dusk so i don't need to do much, but i thought i'd contribute some treat ideas.
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    Hmmm, I haven't tried yogurt but my hens do get sunflower seed, sometimes sunflower kernels!
    Normally, when I am home the girls stay out until they put themselves to bed, however, when the band is rehearsing or there is a concert I must make them safe before I leave home.

    How do you feed yogurt? Do you feed in a dish or coat seeds?

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