May 27, 2022
hey everyone, I currently have a thread “RIR Pullets” which has backstory on everything. Basically have two RIR ~7.5 week old, one I’m worried potential coccidosis and the other some sort of respiratory illness. I just started them on CORID this morning. I have hydro-hen probiotics, electrolytes and acidifiers I give occasionally. My question is can I mix this in with the CORID? Also if there’s any other supplements or treatments you reccomend I try. Thanks!


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Hydro-hen is an acid (citric), sugar (dextrose, maltodextrose), a couple salts, and some dried bacteria. While it has a few minerals (as part of the aforementioned salts), it has no extra Thiamine which might interfere with the operation of the CORID. Go ahead and use it if you want.
Thank you! Do you know anything about VetRx? I’m debating trying this for the respiratory bird. She’s mouth breathing with some wheezing and occasional sneezing
What I don't know about poultry illness and injuries would fill books - and does. Asking about CORID is a nutrition question - its a thiamine antagonist. Knowing that, it was trivial to look for Thiamine (B1) on the ingredient list for the manna pro Hydro Hen.

I would suggest you start by postring on the illness injory board here, then wait for a response from Eggcessive, Azygous, Overo Mare, Wyorp Rock or one of a few others - but those four are among the most active and knowledgeable on that forum.

and since you already have a thread for the possible whole flock coccidia, I'd start a fresh thread with the "sneezing" video, just for the one bird.

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