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Apr 18, 2011
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I have a hen with some bloody diarrhea. It has been recommended that I treat with Corid. I have a few questions.....When I put it in the water, how much? and do I let everybody drink it? When they have been treated can we still eat the eggs? If not how long should we abstain?
I'm pretty new to chickens so I'm no expert. I found one of my hens had bloody diarrhea earlier this week and am now treating them all with Corid. I put 2 teaspoons of Corid into a gallon of water and put that out as the only water supply. I believe you should treat this way for 5 to 7 days.
On the bottle it says, "RESIDUE WARNINGS: WIthdraw 24 hours before slaughter."

They're talking about cattle, but I would guess you can apply the same to chickens and eggs.
I just double checked the dosage for corid and it's 9.5 cc/ml per gallon of water which amounts to 1.92 teaspoons per gallon.
I believe this is for the powder, correct?

My bottle of liquid says 16 oz for 100 gallons, which is .16 oz per gallon. A tablespoon is .5 oz.; a teaspoon is one-third of a tablespoon which would be .167 oz.

The treatment is for five days, per the label.

Karen P, I don't know if you can overdose chicks with Corid, but 3-4 teaspoons per gallon sounds like a lot, powder or liquid. I've found that those who work at feed stores don't always know everything about every animal and every disease. My friend lost two chicks because her feed store person had her use tetracycline for coccidia (instead of sulmet, which she told her was too harsh.) Better a harsh treatment than to slowly waste away and die!

I would trust what the label says and the veterans here on BYC.

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