Corn cob holder mounted in the run

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    I know chickens are messy, and walk around in their own stink, but I hate to just throw leftover corn cobs or watermellon rhinds into the run, allowing them to get covered in dirt before they have a chance to eat it.
    I took a long wood screw, (about 3 1/2") and drilled it through one of the 2x4's on the wall of the run. I took the cob and stuck it long ways on to the exposed screw. The chickens went crazy on it, and picked it clean in less than 5 min. So, I drilled another one through in another spot to lessen the fighting over just one.
    Just before I closed up shop, and before the chickens settled in on the roost, I took the cobs off, and stuck some watermellon rhinds on there.

    I've read posts of people thinking their chickens are bored during the day....well here's something that might keep them entertained.

    I'm sure others on here have done something similar and probably more elaborate, but I was really impressed with myself for having enough brains to run a screw through a piece of wood in order to stick food on it.[​IMG](exagerating)

    Anyway, thought I'd share a possible idea to some of you.
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    Hang it on a piece of string and it will entertain them even longer
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    Quote:I can just see it!!! Love It!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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