Corn Husks and Turkey Vultures


5 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Central Massachusetts
Couple questions: Can chickens eat the husks and stringy things on corn on the cob? Second, now that the weather is nice I have been letting the girls out in the yard. I have noticed some turkey vultures flying around. Should I be worried that they will attack my girls?
The vultures are looking for carrion. That said, if they find none, there is a remote chance they may attack but I wouldn't worry. There are many more serious predators afoot. Hawks being a more serious threat of the aerial variety.

Chickens don't have hands, teeth or a strong bite so they probably won't eat the husks or silk.
I've seen turkey vultures make a couple attempts on my chickens, but they're just not graceful enough to even come close.

I could see one maybe grabbing a chick that had been separated from it's mom, or gotten out of a tractor, but they're really not hunters.
Thank you for the info. We eat a lot of corn so I just thought I would ask. They love to eat the corn right off the cob raw. We have hawks around but didn't think they would be big enough to grab an adult chicken.
They'll still kill the bird and eat it on the ground if they can't carry it to a tree.

Acipiters (bird hawks) are usually smaller and in this group that will eat in place.

Buteos or buzzard hawks are much bigger, primarily eating rodents but will gladly eat a chicken when hungry and most species are big enough to carry off a full grown chicken.

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