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This may sound really stupid, but I'm going to use the excuse that I am still new to chickens.
I have egglayers, different breeds, so I am pretty familiar with them. I have never had meaties. I know that Cornish Xs are bred to be meaties, grow fast and be butchered at a young age. I also have heard that they don't live very long, due to their anatomy. My question is, I ordered some "Assorted Brown Egglayers" chicks From MPC, along with some other breeds, that will be coming the end of this month. In that mix, there is the possibility of getting a Cornish. Are just regular Cornish different than the meaties everyone gets for butchering? I don't want to get a chicken that is going to die within a couple of months!
If they are, why would they include them in with an assortment of egg layers?
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cornish mix get affected by diseise easily
but if you get a regular cornish he should live longer
•Rhode Island Red
•New Hampshire Red
•Red Star
•Speckled Sussex
•Dark Cornish
•Light Brahma
•Buff Orpington
•Naked Neck
•Salmon Faverolles
•Barred Plymouth Rock
•White Plymouth Rock
•Partridge Rock
•Golden Laced Wyandotte
•Silver Laced Wyandotte
•Columbian Wyandotte
•Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
•Black Jersey Giant
•Blue Cochin
•Black Cochin
•Splash Cochin
•White Cochin
•Partridge Cochin

that is what you could get​
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no if you get cornish roosters then they will be big meat birds
even if you mix them with a heavy breed they should be good meat birds
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sorry i think i misunderstood you they should be fine they should not die like the crosses
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