Cornish cross group buy from moyers


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
I just butchered my chickens today that I got from moyers and I would like to buy more. However I have been selling them and would like to reduce my cost if at all possible. As a result I would like to buy larger quantities but I cannot do that many birds. I know there was a post of someone who would buy a large quantity and you had the option of buying from them at the reduced price, but I can't find the post to find out who they are, I think they were from Ohio.
Also as a side note I raised them on "pasture" and kept very detailed notes of feed consumed based on cost that I can share if people are interested. It is an excel spreadsheet so I am not sure if I can post it or if it would be better to just email it to any interested parities. Thanks for your time.
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