Cornish cross in the fall/winter????

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    We did Cornish cross this past spring. We only did 30 of them and had 4 die, 30 isn't enough for the year for a family of 4 plus guest once in a while, so we are considering stepping it up to 100. With 100 birds I have a few questions. We live in central Arkansas (info needed for question 3). Our spring meaties avg 5.5 lbs on the hook.

    1. Can we do a fodder system? If so
    2. how much fodder should I start and continue to have growing?
    3. Can I buy them now and grow them out or should I wait till spring?
    4. If we do them this time of year, what is the coldest they can handle?
    5.If my math is correct I will need about 1300# (25 bags)+/- of feed, will any stores give me a discount if I buy it all at once in a bag, can't do bulk loose since I don't have storage for that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You may get a discount if you buy by the pallet. Some stores will, most won't.
    If you get them now, they'll be butchered before it gets real cold.
    They can handle what other chickens can. A warm spot and cool space and they'll be fine. By 3 or 4 weeks you can process some as Cornish game hens which will make the butchering at 5+ lbs less of a chore.
    I prefer to process in cool weather anyway. Fewer flies and such.
    The fodder is a good idea and up to you how much you want to provide. For chickens, I don't let the fodder grow more than a week from the first soaking. Chickens don't really utilize that much greenery. They're better with sprouts.
    I like barley best but I've used wheat, BOSS, winter peas, buckwheat and other things.

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