Cornish Cross Processing - unexpected surprise?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by SoMDChick, May 2, 2017.

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    Hello all. I, today, had my first flock of 13 meat chickens (cornish cross, about 10wks) and a few old hens (5), processed by my neighboring Amish. In the past, when they have processed my roosters or lame fryers, I receive back the carcass, gizzards, neck, heart, liver.... BUT today, when I was unpacking my meat chickens to rest in the garage fridge, I noticed a sandwich bag full of what looked liked egg yolks, or immature eggs. Besides my first thought, a treat for my remaining egg layers, purpose? I was a little taken back, as I have never seen this before. Can any of you tell me what people do with these?
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    It's the hen's reproductive system. I just toss it with the rest of the offal
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    That was my first thought also. Just wondering why they would return them with the carcass? Didn't know if these were used in any other way.
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    I don't think they're used for anything. Sometimes things just get missed
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    One of the birds must have been laying, or really close to lay. They are egg yolks of different sizes that collect along the ovaries. The largest one separates from the ovary, enters the oviduct and becomes the next day's egg. Some people save them for egg drop soup or other dishes.

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