Cornish Cross VS Freedom Rangers


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Feb 1, 2020
Hey , I was wondering what everything thinks about freedom rangers compared to Cornish cross meat chickens. I have raised and harvested Cornish cross and I didn’t like how the taste is . Is there a taste difference in the freedom rangers? I heard there is .


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Apr 9, 2014
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What didn't you like about the taste of the CX you raised? How old were they when you butchered them, and did you let them rest for a couple of days before cooking them?

I have raised both CX as well as other hybrids -- not Freedom Rangers -- but Red Rangers and Slow White Broilers, as well as heritage, dual purpose chickens. They all tasted good to me, although the heritage had the most flavor, but were a little more firm (not chewy, but not as tender as the CX), with the RR and SWB being somewhere between the two. A lot of that flavor is a function of the age at butchering. The CX were, on average, butchered around 10 weeks of age, while the others were butchered, on average, around 15 weeks old.

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I've raised and eaten both, and much prefer the Freedom Rangers.
They take more time to get large, and so cost more to raise, but then the taste is better, and they can run around like 'real chickens', and not sit and eat all day like the Cornishx birds.
Either will have more flavor than 'grocery store' chicken!
I think that the Cornishx birds are pathetic little guys, who sit around because it hurts them to move, and between their joint problems, and the heart failure, it's all very sad.
Right now I have some of each in my freezer, so next time I have to grow some, it will be Freedom Rangers again.
Actually, some Chantecler cockerels will hit the freezer this summer. They taste good too...
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Yes, what did you not like about the taste? It's hard to answer the question without that. Also, what age did you butcher. How did you prepare it? Did you age, brine, or marinade it? How did you cook it?

There are a lot of things that can affect the flavor and texture. And we all have our personal preferences. I can't address your personal preferences but if you can tell us what your actual complaint is and what you did I may be able to address that.
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