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    Apr 7, 2012
    I guess I should have done more research before letting my local Tractor Supply lady talk me into buying Cornish rocks along with my Bantams. ( I had only planned on buying bantams but Tractor supply requires you to buy at least 6 chicks at a time. Since there were only 3 bantams, i had to pick 3 of another breed) From what I have read, I guess Cornish rocks are meat birds. I originally started looking on BYC to see if they were just lazy birds.. Mine sit all the time, Rarely stay standing for any long period of time. I am assuming this is because they grow so fast and are to heavy for their legs?? What are their life expectancies? When , if I can bring myself to letting my husband kill them, is the best age to do so? I have seen mixed opinions on this.. Thanks for any info you all can give me ..
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    Apr 2, 2012
    6 to 10 weeks depending on how much food you give them. Take away their food at night but let them have it during the day. My them...thats why the make them. Dont wait forever though b/c they have a higher chance of dying ie leg problems, heart failure ect they wont breed the same anyway since their hybrids.
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    I agree with Delawarechickin.
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    I agree but I won't keep them with the bantams to long, they could get hurt, but then again once the meat birds get bigger they won't want to do anything but lay around. :thumbsup

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