cornish x heat question


May 18, 2015
Southern Indiana
Hi y'all. Ive had both meat and layer chickens for awhile now, but Ive never gotten cornish x chicks this late in the spring. I was at Orscheln over the weekend and the lady working offered me the last of their cornish x chicks for free because she said they had been there too long. Im guessing these chicks are about 2 weeks old.

So I have them in my brooder, on my back patio. But everytime a I turn the heat lamp on the poor things lay down and start panting. Its been in the low 80s here during the day, and mid 60s at night. So my question is, do cornish x need as much heat as other kinds of chicks? I know when they are grown they have trouble tolerating heat. Thanks all!

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