Cornish X, the cost of feeding organic


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Ohmygosh! These birds can EAT! We're a month away from processing - there has to be a cheaper way to feed them organically than $25 for a 40lb bag of chick starter (which is what our local farm store recommended.)

This is our first time raising them and we got 30 chicks, thinking some might not make it ( still have all 30
) and so we'd have a few for our adult children's families too.

We do feed them table scraps, and fresh fruit pears and apples (w/o seeds) from a family member's orchard. (organic)

Anyway, please help - how do I lower the feed bill for the next month!
I am just finishing up 30+ FR/Rosambros that free range and are fed twice daily and yep. They EAT. And EAT. I plow through a bag every few days. It got worse as they got bigger too. I should have processed last week, but my help can't come until Friday, so...we will be using 2 more bags between now and then.

I couldn't afford organic. Not when you figure you will be rolling through 10 bags of feed.

I used a combination of turkey feed (24% protein) from TSC ($14something), Purina Flock Raiser ($18) with 20% protein and Meat Maker from Southern States ($20) with 20% protein, and my feed cost averaged $16.75/bag.

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