Coryza confirmation. Cull last bird?

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    I think I know the answer to this question already, but my conscience need confirmation.

    Like an idiot I picked up a few pullets from a flea market this weekend. I was so excited about the new birds I did not take my time examining them deeply. I got them home and into the coop and began to notice over the next couple days how rough a couple of them looked. Sneezing, mucus, bubbling eye, and that awful smell! Anyway I culled the two with visible signs, but that leaves me with one that appears to be fine.

    I am doing it right this time and just ordered some very nice hi-line brown pullets. These will be coming from a clean commercial breeder. My question is, what should I do with the lone survivor from the flea market. Common sense tells me to cull, disinfect the coop and start from scratch.

    Is this a safest course of action?
  2. In my opinion, yes. Most likely that bird, if not sick, will become sick, or a carrier, and will infect your new birds. If it were my bird, I would cull and start over. I now that is harsh, but it really is the only way to have a clean flock. I am sorry you are going through this!
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    You really need to wait several weeks after culling the last bird or your new flock will be infected. Cleaning everything with 10% bleach water and soap, and waiting 3 weeks would be wise.
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    It would be best to wait at least 60 days before repopulating when dealing with Infectious Coryza.
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