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Mar 17, 2009
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I am thinking about raising my own cornish x for meat but I can place an order with some local Amish. They will order the chicks, raise and process them for $6.50 each. I would think it would cost me about $10 per bird to feed and have them processed at a cost of $1.50 each. I don't have the equip needed to process them myself and considering the time it would take us, 1.50 is worth it to me. So what do you all think?
I personally don't think thats a bad price. I have seen somewhere on here the cost just to raise a cornish x to 8 weeks. In that time you have the original cost of the chick and then 4 weeks of starter and 4 weeks of meat bird grower and over their liftime, I think they consume approximately 20 pounds of feed. I have a few people who want 3 or 4 from me when I process and I won't sell for less than 8 dollars each.
Great price, yes. For me to order, feed, and process a chicken would be $7+. And that doesn't include anything like housing, feeders, waterers, etc.

But, of course, you don't get the fun of "doing it yourself".
Did they tell you what the average dresses weight would be? If they are less than 4 pounds, if you don't include equipment cost, you could raise them yourself, have them process for $1.50 and be money ahead doing it yourself. Plus, like Hoot said, you don't get the expirience and joy of raising them yourself. For me, there is just something about seeing the tiny little chicks arrive, then 7-8 weeks later have something that will feed the family, and knowing you were responsible for it. I even enjoy doing the processing now. It makes the whole cycle full circle. Proccessing has become a family event, and the kids understand where food actually comes from. Maybe it's just me.
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I did get some last year and I imagine they were 4-5 lbs. I would have to then cut them up the way I want like skinless breast etc. I was going to do it myself but considering the cost of the kill cones, feather plucker (don't want to do it the old way with 50 chickens) and the time it would take us, just doesn't seem feasible. I think they raise them up pretty much the same way we would.

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