Coturnix Chicks


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
Jupiter, Florida
Should my coturnix day old chicks be sleepy? They run around then stop and it looks like they fall asleep. Then they wake up and start eating again?

idk what to do I am new to the quail business? HELP!!!!!!!1
Yup. Just like normal babies.

They go, run low on battery charge and pass out where they stand.

Very cute and entertaining.

Just wait until they do the rubber chicken imitation. Makes my heart stop every time I see one of them do that.
Thanks i'm so scared.
No problem! Just post here. I'm sure one or all of us have been through it before. Guaranteed.

Everyone is really great about helping out. Even what seems like stupid questions.

Try the search function as well for immediate answers.

And just a note, that if it's a question that's been asked before, sometimes you'll get a snarky answer. Everyone means it in fun, but as a newbie, it can be kind of intimating.

Quail chicks are comical thats for sure,Mine stretch out and sleep just like my cat does,First time I saw that I panicked,I thought they were dropping like flies,,they looked dead

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