Coturnix colors

Pic 1--- 2 Browns And A Rosetta

Pic 2--- English White

Pic 3--- A Golden And Browns

Pic 4--- Brown, White, And Either Tibetan Or Rosetta (hard To Be Sure In This Pic)

Pic 5--- Golden, Rosetta Tuxedo, And Gold Vs Brown--- Sorry I Cant See That Well

Nice Selection Of Colors!
Good mix!
Pure yellow (or with a spot or two) will be white
Yellow with fine black stripes will be golds
Bold yellow and black/brown stripes will be brown (pharoah)
Murky dark reddy brown will be rosetta if it has pink toes, if it is very dark brown (almost black) with dark toes it will be tibetan/range. Either of these if it has light patches on the chest or face may be tuxedo.

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