Coturnix quail eggs F/S in KY~~$5 for 1 days worth of eggs!


the bird is the word
11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
I have jumbo browns, A&M, and tuxedos right now. I'm getting up to 10 jumbo brown eggs, 5 A&M eggs, and 2 tuxedo eggs daily, for a total of 17 eggs on most days. You will receive all the eggs layed for the day(s) specified.
Days available right now are from June 15th on. Just remember that these eggs will be by the day, and shipped the following day. So if you want the 15th through the 18th, the oldest eggs will be 5 days old when they are sent out.
Limit of 5 days, for freshness' sake.

So $5 for every day that you request, plus shipping to your zip. I also add $2 for paypal fees and packing materials.

Each day should have at least 16 eggs. Thanks for looking

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