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    Sep 4, 2014
    Hi I am new to the forum. I recently purchased 36 quail eggs and was given an extra 12 for a total of 48. They started hatching the night of the first, all day on the 2nd, and I assisted three on the third that were pipped for over 48 hours. This totaled 27 healthy chicks (two white ones) running around the brooder eating their game bird starter and electrolyte/vitamin mixed water, I call it the or chick gatorade. 28 attempted to hatch, but something happened where I think it burst it's yolk sack because I smelt a funny smell coming from the incubator and seen yellow foam coming out of a newly pipped egg. I assisted immediatley and it made it out, would have been my third white one, but it seemed to be premature and died 1.5 days later in isolation (RIP "Tripod").

    My question is that I still have 6 eggs in the incubator that are dark when candled and are 6 hours past day 19 (the rest candled clear and we're infertile or damaged in shipment, with one early death). I started by opening one egg that candled dark and one was alive inside. I seen the inner membrane began to have an air bubble like it was going to choke so I opened it near it's beak. I placed it back in the incubator and watched it closely, but it shortly began to slow it's breathing and kicking. I tried to assist again but it died. I was really upset with myself, however after inspecting it, the yolk sack was 95% gone, fully feathered, but its brain was completely exposed. Its top beak was short and curled, and it was missing the top of its skull back to the base of the head, around the brows of its eyes, and to the base of the top beak. The head was fully feathered, even up to the smooth edges of where the skull cap was missing. Is this due to much inbreeding? Some wrong with my methods of incubation? What should I do with the other 6 eggs in the incubator? For now I am going to wait, but I feel it's just postponing a sad ending to this hatch...
    Thank you!

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    Hi :welcome. Glad you joined the flock. Sorry to hear some of your chicks didn't make it, but I'm afraid that's all part of hatching not everyone makes it.:hugs I'm sure it's not incubating technique that made the chick deformed many factors could have contributed to that as you say could be inbreeding or could be genetics and not every egg is perfect. You have 27 healthy chicks which you should be proud of. Deciding when to assist can be tough decision and is something I feel should only be done as a very last resort. IMO chicks that can't hatch for themselves tend not to make it or are weak and unhealthy. I would leave your un hatched eggs in for 4 days after they were due just incase.

    Be sure to ask lots of questions on here every one very friendly wishing you the very best of luck with your chicks. Post a hi in the new member intro.
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    Sep 3, 2014
    Hey Im looking at getting some Coturnix quails too! Can you share your source? I'm needing to get some eggs going. Also what incubator did you end up going with? (and did it come with the quail size egg roller/holder or did you have to order that separately).


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