Coturnix Quail keep hatching early?

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  1. Looking for some advice and/or opinions. I’ve been locking down my quail sets at 14 days, but they seem to be hatching early. My last set all hatched on day 16. I lockdown in the evening and by next afternoon I have pips already. Those that hatch look great, but my last hatch was only 57% and all eggs were fertile. I had about 7 try to hatch but were out of position and died in shell.
    Seems to me that they aren’t ready, but the chirping and commotion of the others makes them want to come out.
    Is it normal to have so many pip from the center or the small end and not make it?
    My bator is set to 45/100 and 70/100 at lockdown. Maybe my thermometers aren’t accurate and they are baking too high too fast?
    Any thoughts?
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    I don't know much about quail but I do have some things come to mind:

    1- you're probably right about temp being too high. I've heard that chicks incubated on the hot side hatch out sort of sticky?
    2-it could also be the source of the eggs. Are they shipped eggs?

    Do you have any thermometers that you know to be fairly accurate that you could compare to the readout of your incubator thermometer?

    Still or forced air?
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  3. Thanks for responding.
    I don’t know if I would call them sticky, but I’m pretty new at it. This last set was my most successful. They look like what I would expect them to look like.
    They are my eggs from my hens and Roos in the backyard.
    I have the hygro/therm that came with the incubator, and a basic traditional therm (the red “mercury” type). I’ve noticed that they both go up and down opposite each other. When the digital seems high, the basic is low and when the basic is high the digital seems low. I try to set it somewhere in the middle. Typically they both hover around 100.
    It’s a Hovabator forced air with the fan and flat autoturner.
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    I would say you are a degree high on temp. I have not used the flat Turner I always hatch upright.

    The differences in your thermometers is probably just in how quick each reacts to the temp change around them.

    Small end pips are malpositioned unless I help them when I see them mine usually don't make it. But since I hatch upright I usually don't see them til it's to late.

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