coturnix quail


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Sep 8, 2014
Tallapoosa, Ga
Does anyone know if you have to have a license in Georgia to raise coturnixs?
I was thinking about getting some and was thing to find out as much as I could.
Call your local department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. I gave up sifting through stuff and called. Was transferred through 3 times and then I had the answers to ALL my questions.
It's always good to know the actual legality of keeping quail where you live instead of going by word of mouth. Plus laws can change and what a neighbor's uncle used to think was so might not be currently.
I sent the game and wildlife center a email on it and they got back with me. You can have coturnixs for personal use without a licences but if you go to sell or trade with them you have to have a licences. But I will agree everyone needs to find out themselves the laws and stuff.

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