Coturnix with swollen lower eyes?


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Aug 25, 2013
Brisbane, Australia
Im in australia and run 15 quail in a ground pen (just a bit of background info). 14 females and one bloke.

One of my ladies this morning is quiet, has both eyes swollen but only on the bottom lids and her cheeks are puffy (kinda like when a person gets mumps). Ive seperated her and put her on Oxytetracycline in her water. Her breathing is fine, no clicking or puffing.

Any ideas on what and if i should be worried about the rest of my flock?? I live in an area that has a heavy mosquito population and it could be an issue with the biting of soft tissues? Her feet look pale and the swollen areas are dark purple red and shes very lethargic. This will be her first summer with me and her first laying season too.
Perhaps she's been pecked in the eyes? Quail seems to like to aim for the eyes and nostrils. Mean little suckers.
There has been a few issues with one particular female and the rooster. This girl is quite small and prefers to sleep up on top of a paver brick i have in the back of the pen, which is where the roo has made his territory. I have seen the roo peck at a few other girls so it might be time to seperate him once shes in good order.
Ok i think it might be something else.... She has just started to vomit and her eyes are bubbling, the liquid in them is like foam. Not sure what the heck is going on.

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