Coturnix with the pox, help!

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    Apr 6, 2011
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    Ok so I have one male coturnix that seems (after doing some research) to have BOTH wet & dry fowl pox. It's just started up two days ago & went wet too, tonight, before that it was dry only. I've started giving him extra vitamins, treating the dry with triple antibiotic, but I realize the wet is even more dangerous & want to take every precaution to protect Buster's health as well as the other avian members of the family. Basically as soon as I wake I'm going to tractor supply. I'm going to have to treat @ home.

    What antibiotic that can be purchased in small amounts would be best & how is it used? If he pulls through will he be a carrier? He has been in a room with no other birds for 3-4 months but came in very brief contact with a hen coturnix right before visually showing, ugh. I have looked this stuff up for 2 days now & no sites seem to agree, I'm just very worried about all of my birds & could greatly use any info/tips you could pass on before I go shopping. I am SO worried as I have 4 kinds of birds! Thank you for your help ahead of time.
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