Cougar proofing livestock!


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
How should you mt lion proof goats & poultry? Would a covered chainlink dog run do it? Or you'd need electric on top of that?
We are moving into a new place that is wooded and where they have mt lion...we have a 2 dog limit (rental) so no option of LGD...

Currently my plan is normal welded wire 5' fence with hot wire along the top for the daytime. There are trees overhanging almost the whole area we will have. They will have wooden sheds to be shut into at night. The question is having a more secure area to put them in if we decide to go out in the eve, but it's too early to go to bed, or for does with new kids. My current setup has a chainlink 6' tall dog run bolted to the front of their shed to keep out coyotes. I was hoping to put chainlink panels on top of the run to make a more secure small area. Would the mt lions get through a chainlink run with a chainlink top? Should I plan on running hot wire on it too? Where would it be placed on it to be effective?

Those of you in cougar territory...Is my plan sufficient?
Could you talk to you landlords about the 2 dog limit? IMO, a LGD shouldn't count towards that limit - it won't be in the house.... If the landlord is allowing goats, the LGD should be considered more of a "goat" than a house-dog.

I don't live in cougar territory, so I don't have any ideas for you. The only thing I can say is I know a lot of people live in cougar territory with livestock and WITHOUT Fort Knox, so there must be a happy medium in there somewhere.

How much hunting do cougars actually do at night? I guess I always pictured them as being daytime hunters???
From what I've read they are only active dusk til dawn. The only time I've seen one was once when I was a teenager getting back from a concert in the wee hours, eek!
I just don't think there is any way they will budge on the dog thing...we have two now and they are even saying once my old dog passes we may not be allowed more than one dog total.

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