Could a Broody Bantam hatch and raise Coturnix Quail?


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Orem, Utah.
My Japanese Bantam hen just went broody and I don't have any chicken eggs for her right now. I do have about 14-16 Coturnix Quail eggs though. Could she hatch them and raise them? I'm not sure if they should even be together in the first place. Please help me out
I have her setting on a little clutch of 4 wooden eggs from the craft store
(She's sitting there happily thinking they're real lol)


10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
Kent, UK.
She will hatch them but as soon as they hatch it will be best to remove them from her and raise them yourself ( bearing in mind this will distress the mum ) I did it once and the chicks never saw the bantam as their mum and kept running away, they are really tiny when born and can get into all sorts of trouble in a big coop setting though if you can keep the mum enclosed in some kind of hutch well secured with no gaps and no other birds around it may work, I have seen a video of it being done I think they were in a greenhouse outside or something although I don't think it is easy, personally I would put the quail eggs in an incubator and give her fertile chickens eggs to hatch if you want her to hatch some chicks.

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