Could he be buff cuckoo orp?

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    [​IMG][​IMG]I have a Lemon Cuckoo Orp Roo and a hen hatched from the same hatch..The hen is not cuckoo just Buff..
    I read a cuckoo roo over a buff hen results in cuckoo .They are free ranging right now..
    The egg I took was hers but there are other roosters free ranging also
    .A Lavender Orp
    a pure black part orp part maybe lavender Amercauna..
    and a big mostly black with rust markings english orp -brahma mix
    The chick that hatched was a very yellow yellow like my parents were..i assume hed be a light feathered. Now His feathers coming out are white with a few faint gray spots that could be cuckoo.His legs are clean and id call it orange.Hes about 4 weeks i think. Or maybe 3.
    He seems very orplike but the markings arent lemon cuckoo
    In guessing the dad wasnt my lemon cuckoo orp but would it most likely then be the lavender orp roo Would the cuckoo come out from the hen with a lavender as the father?
    Hes too young to tell his comb type to me but im pretty sure hes a roo by his boldness since new And slightly prominent comb
    Any guesses on father?
    .Also anyone have the website where they show by color what youll get if you cross this to that?
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