Could it be seizures? Need help ASAP! Thanks.


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Someone on the duck section suggested posting this here. I went out to take care of everyone and I noticed one of my ducks sitting down with her head pointed straight down with her bill on the ground. I went towards her and she waddled away, then she tucked her neck into her body with just her head stuck up. Shortly afterwards she started jerking around like she was having seizures. She is 10 months old.

The only thing that has changed is that I brought some geese home on Saturday. They have been kept in an adjacent pen. It has rained for 4 days, but the water drained from the duck pen into the goose pen, so I don't think anything was transmitted that way. The duck pool got nasty because I couldn't clean it due to the rain. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. Also, I had just gotten done draining their pool and they were crawling around under it when I had it propped up eating the nightcrawlers and broke up a mouse nest that had been under it. I am not sure if she joined in with that or not because I had been filling everyone's waterers during that time.

I picked her up and she seems to be lighter. You can feel her portrusion from her breast. She is very soft all over. I don't think she is impacted or anything. I brought her in the house and set her on the floor. She was walking around perfectly normally. My husband had just suggested her bringing her back outside when she dud the same thing as outside with putting her head straight down resting on her bill. Then picking it up again and tucking her neck into her body with just her head stuck out. Then she started backing up again and jerking around like she was having seizures again. She will kind of lay down to one side, and then looks like she has died, but then will sit back up and put her bill back to the floor. She also seems to breathe harder when it happens

Her poo is a little runny, a normal color, but looser in texture with water puddles when she goes. There is no discharge from her nostrils or mouth. She is not ruffling her feathers at all, they look normal and shiny. The only other thing I have noticed is that she seems like she weighsl less. She layed an egg yesterday for sure, not sure if one of them was hers yesterday or not. She was fine on Monday. I don't know if she was doing this last night because it was already dark by the time I got to take care of them last night. This morning I was only outside long enough to open my bird doors and feed the geese, so I didn't notice anything then either.

Any ideas at all??? If she is like this tomorrow, I will have my hubby bring her to the vet to see if they can figure anything out. They are closed right now and the only emergency place open only deals with cats and dogs. Could she be choking from eating the nightcrawlers?

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