could my pullet be trying to hide her first eggs?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by elizabethlongwood, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    We have a 22 week old pullet who has been squatting for almost a week and escaping our fenced chicken yard for about that long too. This morning was the third time I found her outside the chicken yard. She is the only one doing this. She never had any interest in trying to fly over the fence before last week. She doesn't wander far, just pokes around and I've seen some little nest-like holes dug here and there. I am looking everywhere for a possible egg since she hasn't layed in the henhouse or chicken yard. The problem is, we have a woodland garden adjacent to their chicken yard and a tool shed that has a 8" clearance underneath. Could a chicken crawl under there and lay eggs? I got down on the ground and looked as best as I could and didn't see anything. It would be a real challenge to find her hidden eggs if that's the case.
    When she is in the yard, she spends a lot of time pacing along the fenceline and complaining. What do you all think? Hidden nest somewhere?
    BTW, I have two nice nest boxes with fake eggs in them that nobody is using yet:/
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    One of my RIR's was doing the same thing..she escaped everyday by flying over the fence..I started calling her Houdini as I couldn't figure out how she was getting out..(She and one other RIR are the only two that can fly that high to get out) Finally one of the two blew their cover and proclaimed her egg as I was weeding out in the yard..Sure enough waaaay deep underneath a dwarf lilac I found their stash..7 eggs!!!![​IMG] Since I busted them, I have seen her checking out under a container we have that would have just about the same clearance as your shed... I'm not sure if they can get under that low of a clearance and drop an egg..but if that's the case, I give up, I can't get under there so I am locking them up until acouplke of hours before they don't have time to go sneaking around!
    Maybe someone else has some more insight into this!
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    Could a chicken crawl underan 8" opening and lay. How do you say "yes". You would not believe some of the places I found nests growing up on the farm.

    She may or may or may not be laying. I'd be kind of suspicious myself. I suggest you leave her (and the others) locked in the coop for a couple of days to see if you get an egg. If she is laying and you leave her locked in the coop for several days where she has to use another nest, you might break her of the habit oif laying in the hidden nest. No guarantees that it will work, but it what I would try.

    Good luck!

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