Could this be a Rooster or a Hen?


9 Years
Apr 10, 2013
Riverton, UT
Can anyone tell yet if this is a Roo or Hen. Almost 4 weeks old and has a light pink comb. If you can tell please share what features give the clues. Thanks

i think it could be a cockerel because i have a chick that is now around 3-4 months old and her comb is about the same size so im guessing your chick would most likely be a cockerel
Can you share what other features you see. I'm trying to become an expert too
roosters get there tail feathers later then hens. there legs are thicker then hens, and they have an upright posture. a few others are red combs/wattles, saddle feathers, (sometimes) different colors/patterns.

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