Countdown for my "mystery" peafowl eggs to hatch


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
I put 8 eggs under my muscovies on the 31st.. I know they can hatch on day 26 .. which puts hatch date from the 26th-28th. Theyre looking good so far, I have candled them a few times. Now im trying to decide if i should pull them out & put them in the incubator ? and if so what date would be the best to do it?.
The only thing im good at hatching in the bator is waterfowl, I dont know why. SO there was no way i was going to risk trying to artificially incubate them.

Any suggestions on when i should take them in ? ..I need these eggs to hatch..its not easy to get peafowl eggs or get them a few days old around here & mail order eggs..ive rarely had any make it without the air cells blown.

The closer it gets , im on the edge of my seat lol. They are mystery eggs because the breeder has a bunch of different colored pens & didnt mark the I could get all different colors...its so exciting lol
at day 26 Id candle them you should see a lot of movement. if they are pipped or chirping you can pull them then. I have learned not to pull them too early. waiting until they are ready to hatch seems to work best for me.
Myself and some of the other peafowl breeders, pull them after one week. With good luck, understand your fear if you have trouble with the incubator.

So, pull them as they hatch, just watch the duck does not leave the nest as they start hatching.

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