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Mar 7, 2009
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I'd appreciate your input. I'm confused and worried on a couple of points.

I added my eggs at 12:00am on Tuesday March 17.
Would day 18 be 12:00am Saturday April 4?
Would day 21 be 12:00am Tuesday April 7?

Is a digital thermometer that includes a humidity reading as good as a hygrometer? This is what I'm currently using:
Although mine looks a bit different. It's weird but the external temp is always 3 degrees cooler than the internal one even though they are both in the incubator??? I've decided to only pay attention to the indoor indicated temp. I think the external probe measures differently. And after all you don't get much more "inside" than an incubator. What do you use in your 1588? Is the humidity measure as good as a wet bulb hygrometer?



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Jun 15, 2008
So you set them tuesday night ? The following tuesday would then be 1 week that night. Day 7 would start midnight the 24th. So day 18 would start saturday night or 12:01 am sunday the 5th and they would most likely pip late tuesday to middle of the night and hatch out wednesday if your temps are right on.

The digital humidity gauges work fine but both the thermometer and humidity is rarely 100% accurate. Since you can't adjust most of the digitals you have to just take that into account and add or subtract how much it's off. To test a hygrometer put it in a ziplock bag or other air proof container with some damp salt. The exact amounts don't really matter but you don't want saltwater just wet salt. Wait a day or 2 and it should read 75%. My thermometer with an external wireless sensor and an indoor sensor on the unit reads 1F off from itself. I'm not entirely certain which side is accurate but if they are really off and you are putting both the sensor and unit on the same level in the same spot in the incubator I would get a 3rd thermometer and double check. 1 has to be considerably off and it may not be the outdoor sensor.


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Hi and

I think today would be day 1 and I'd take them off the turner Friday night, 4/3, before you go to bed. I took them off the turner on day 16 last time and they were fine, so even if it's a little early you should be ok. Look for pips on 4/5 or 4/6 and they should hatch 4/6 or 4/7.

I use an Accurite digital thermometer with humidity reading. I actually have 3 and they all read a little different. As long as you are in the range, you should be fine. My hatches range from 35-47% for days 1-18, then increase to 55-65% the last 3 days.

Good luck with your hatch!


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Mar 7, 2009
Portland, OR
Thank you for the welcome.
I really appreciate you double checking my dates for me. Putting them in so late Monday/early Tuesday made it more confusing than usual. I think I'll go get another thermometer hygrometer. I tend to be a worry wart. This is just another excuse to worry. :rolleyes:lol

Thanks again!

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