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  1. jenkassai

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    Apr 28, 2011
    Hi all! TOTAL city kid newbie question regarding the average county fair. I want to go to our county fair this year and look at the chickens and livestock. (I know, technically chickens probably ARE livestock, but to me livestock is big stuff like sheep, cows, horses, pigs!). Anyways, they have a judging schedule. My question is, are the poultry / livestock areas generally open for the duration of the fair hours, or only during the judging?? I work and can't take off during judging hours. I was planning on going after work or on a Saturday if I could talk hubby into going with me. It sounds like such a stupid, obvious question [​IMG] I am *thinking* they are open for the duration of fair hours but want to make sure before I go!
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    Actually, during the judging is when you do NOT want to go. You have to keep out of the judges way so he can work. You will be able to go anytime the Fair is open if it's like our fair here.

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