couple of chicks out for 1st


9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
Sweetwater, TX
Here are 5 of our 12 chirpens (as my 5 yo dd calls them). I took the older ones of the bunch out for a few minutes. They finally figured out it was ok to scratch and peck the

Sorry, I dont know how to resize.

The australorps (and my dogs ear).


2 bantam cochins, 2 australorps, and 1 buff orp.

thats so french toasting cute!!!!
made me pause my iCP playlist(and that dnt happen all the time)
Awww! We had a beautiful sunny day on Sunday so I took mine out for their first time in the grass too. They're so cute on their first outings! One of mine just stood in place doing her loud crazy peep for at least 2 minutes. Despite keeping themselves tucked tightly underneath my legs, they also managed to find themselves a worm and proceeded to fight over it
I see sunshine, can you please send some of that to Ohio to melt all this blasted snow so my babies can go out to play also
The peeps with their mom would not stay in the pen so this weekend I opened the door. Everyone seems to be doing okay. During the day the dig in the dirt by the coop like crazy and somewhere along the line they add chick food to the diet. Late afternoon before 5 mom takes them into the brooder pen (6x6 ft kennel) and into their cubby box full of hay for the night. The peeps were 2 weeks old this past Friday.

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