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8 Years
May 30, 2011
My son, who has high functioning autism, is really into ducks. So last August I bought a welsh pair, a buff orpington pair, and a cayuga male and two cayuga ladies. We have them outside and have not had a problem with predators, we have been modifying the dog kennels we have them in as we go along, moving it, etc. They are free ranging our huge fenced in backyard during the day. He has been very good about caring for his ducks but my daughter brought home a husky last fall and we had a mishap a month ago. They were free ranging the back, and my husband let the husky out forgetting about our poor ducks. Well, the husky got my sons's very tame and beloved buff orpington female and she died. Needless to say, the duck now has a separate run in our side yard with no access to ducks (she also got four chickens). My son hates that dog with a raging passion. Anyway, the welsh and one cayuga lady made a nest and the both of them have been sitting together on it, and will hardly leave it. The cayuga sits in there ont he eggs, and the welsh lady sits towards the front and attacks my sons hand whenever he goes to reach in there. I said he could let them sit and we wouls see if they hatched anything. So his one other cayuga lady has been roaming with the males, well that buff orpington male has taken a shine to her and has ripped every feather out of her head, and now she has a swollen bump on the top of her head. My dad said she should absorb that? We separated the dog kennels and now have the three ladies in one and the males in the other, hoping to give her time to heal. I think I may have to get rid of this buff orpington male? I think the drake to duck ratio is just to high now. I rotate their free range time, but the 2 other ladies are nesting and won't come out, so I let the cayuga drake out with bald girl so she won't be lonely, he's the master of the group. Why don't the other drakes mate rough like the BO? The welsh harlequin does not like that buff, he tries to chase him off whenever he can, but the cayuga drake and him are good buddies? Also, the welsh lady came out and chased bald lady when I separated the pen? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
I think you may want to cinsider hetting a replacement hen. Maybe even a couple more hens.
Yeah I like the idea of getting more hens. The 1 to 1 ratio is nice for variety and color but not so much for the hens. If your boy is like mine, getting rid of a drake would be a travesty. Get some more hens if your area allows it.
So, if I got more females, the problem would be solved? My son wants to keep a couple of the hatchlings if there are females but I am afraid that is too long of a wait?

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