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Mar 1, 2015
1) What age do I need to give dewormer to my chicks and is it something that needs to be done?

2) What natural remedies can I use to keep the fleas and ticks of my chicks? I notice the other day that the dogs were starting to get them and I wanted to make sure that I protected them from getting them?

3) I have three chicks are a month old and one of them is starting to make different sounds then the other two and I am worried that that the chick is going to turn out to be a rooster and I am not aloud to have roosters in the area I live. What are other ways to tell if they are a rooster or not? I am really hoping it turns out to be a hen! It is always a guessing game when you buy baby chicks. I am new still to the chicken world and find it really hard to figure it out.

I'm not sure bout what age to start deworming but I would think you wouldn't need to worry about that until they leave the brooder and head outside, where they would be more readily exposed to those kinds of things.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is good for both pest control when dusted in your coop and a natural alternative to chemical dewormers when sprinkled into feed(although not everyone thinks it's quite as affective it's really up to you). Just keep in mind it's a very fine powder and you should be careful not to inhale it.

Its probably too early to tell for sure but if you post some pictures someone on the '' What Gender? What Breed?" Forum may be able to help you tell if it is or is not a rooster.
They are outside in the chicken coop now that is why I was wondering. I just would hate it if they were to get worms and I could have been
preventing it. I plan on taking pictures to night but I am really sure it is a boy because this morning it sounded like crowing sounds now I am worried. I don't want to give my chick up but I am thinking I may have to. If their was a way to keep a rooster and not have it make the crowing noise I would be so happy but that is their nature and I totally understand that but I am sad about that. Do hens make other noises I just heard them making kind of a tweet noise?

Where is a good place to buy the dewormer you were talking about?

Thanks so much for your help,
You might be able to find DE at feed stores but its also available online. People use it for all kinds of things, but you'll want to make sure you get the food grade.

As far as I know hens can make all kinds of noises, but i'm really not an expert there are more experienced people out there who could answer that better. has a lot of information (and sells it but I think it would be cheaper if you could find it at the feed store).

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