Courintix quail where to buy?


9 Years
Aug 16, 2010
Hi all! I've heard about how bad it is to try to ship eggs/birds across the border so I was just wondering if anyone has coturnix (and/or female valley -one) eggs or bird (about 20 ) for sale in canada???? Preferably hens but a couple roo's too. thx
I have been checking on how to get eggs across to your side lately, it looks like most have them shipped to the line on the US side then one of you guys walk across pick up the eggs and declare them yourself seems to be the least expensive way. the permit thingy looks to be 50-75$ just for the permit then there is the cost shipping the cost of the eggs etc it looked like there are 2 egg friendly crossings one at each coast going by the Canadian bird boards
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You could always put them in your cooler and take them across as food. I took Seventy guinea eggs to Canada last year instead of buying eggs to eat when our group went bear hunting. We had some left over so I gave them to the guide. I don't think it was smuggling to take food across the border. I won't be taking so many this year because I have many orders to fill. Unless some one in the Ottwa area wants eggs for "eating" {Quail, chickens , Guineas, pheasants, or peas}
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