Courtnix Quail hatching questions


14 Years
Mar 16, 2008
Southern Columbia County NY
I have some A&M, and some Jumbo Brown eggs in the incubator.

They take 16-17 days to hatch, right?

I put them in June 10th, at 1:10pm.

So I should move them on June 23rd in the morning?

And they would hatch on either June 26 or June 27th?

Is that right? Or should I stop turning on June 22nd instead of June 23rd?
what kind of bator/turner are you using? fwiw i have had eggs hatch in the turner in my sportsman (when i had one) and i have turned eggs by hand in my hova the day they hatched and in both instances the eggs hatched fine. hatching eggs is all about consistancy. once you get it down just keep on doin what your really wont know what you did wrong until you have a bad hatch.then you just make adjustments....
i would take them out then a day or two before hatch. and watch the temp and cross your me its not exactly rocket science.. i would like to recomend you get a digital thermometer instead of the cheapo kind that come from the factory with that very first hatch was a total bust come to find out it was off almost 10 degrees...

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